Essay about Jetblue Ipo Case

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Business Finance Policy: FINA 380-01

Dr. William Brent

February 3rd 2009

JetBlue Airways: IPO Valuation

Table of Content

I. Statement of Problem

II. Alternative Solutions

III. Analysis of the Alternatives

IV. Final Recommendation

V. Appendix

I. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM David Neeleman, CEO of JetBlue Airways and his management team have realized that JetBlue is still making profit despite the many challenges facing the airline industry after the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks. Despite these positive returns; JetBlue plans on raising capital through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to support its aggressive growth and to also offset portfolio losses to their venture capital …show more content…

The Cost of debt is determined by using the average of YTM of the 4 JetBlue debt instruments provided in Exhibit 4. The exact value is 6.91%, and a CAPM cost of equity is determined to be 10.50% using the risk-free rate, market risk premium and comparable beta from Southwest of 1.10. The cost of capital is determined to be 6.90%. Running the DCF analysis, JetBlue is currently valued at $2.7bn. Distributing equity value over the shares outstanding gives a share price of $66.51. This proposed price of the IPO is highly overpriced, considering that the underwriters have priced it within a range of $22-$24. Using Multiples to Price The management of JetBlue and its underwriters can also price the IPO using valuation multiples. JetBlue can employ the most current comparable data of the most appropriate competitors in terms of value in the airline industry. Valuation multiples that can be employed include, but are not limited to P/E multiples, EBIT multiples, EBITDA multiples. In this scenario, I choose to use Southwest airlines and Ryanair as the major benchmarks, because they are both considered as major low –fare airlines, and are key competitors in the United States and Europe. Nevertheless, I believe the P/E ratio is the stronger valuation tool to determine the true value of a firm. Using this method we come up with a share price of $19.32 for Southwest

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