Jewish Religion And The Jewish Culture

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Orthodox Jewish Population Why I choose the Jewish culture as my topic The topic I choose for my topic was the Orthodox Jewish population. I choose this topic for the reason that, I really do not know that much about the Jewish culture. With that being said I am interested in knowing how they deal with a crisis, or what their belief system is when it comes to seeking help outside of their community. My objective is to identify the barriers, institutional and personal, that must be overcome before the Orthodox Jew can receive adequate mental health care, or in any other field such as substance abuse. Decision making process The decision process to use with coming up with my topic was fairly simple. Since I have worked in the medical field as a CNA for 15 years, I have had the pleasure to encounter all types of cultures. Not just working with clients but also with co-workers too. However, even though I have known some who are Jewish, even worked with them in my field, I have not really worked or had an orthodox Jewish person as a client. I will explain the difference of an orthodox Jew in contrast with being Jewish later on in my paper. With that being said I began doing a little research with the topics of counseling and the Orthodox Jew. It was then I realized there was much information on the topic, along with recommendations for clinical practices. Norms and Religious Practices of the Orthodox Jewish population The term Orthodoxy was first applied in 1807 when

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