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On the morning of November 22, 1963, despite the rain pouring from the sky, President John F. Kennedy came out of his hotel room in Fort Worth to address the thousands of people waiting to see him. The dreary weather didn’t stop him as he met with a sea of smiling faces. The audience responded warmly when he mentioned the nation’s achievements in defense and space exploration. As we waited for his wife to join his side, he greeted the swarm of people; he shook their hands and held conversations with them. After the brief encounter, he and his wife made their way to Dallas. When they arrived they were greeted with roses by the governor. The rain had finally stopped and it was supposed to be a beautiful day with blue skies. The nice weather …show more content…

Johnson begins his speech by allowing the audience to see a more personal side of himself, making it clear that he became president in the worst way possible. The personal way in which he presents himself allows the American people to form a connection with him. He uses anaphora to make it clear that “No words are sad enough… no words are strong enough” to describe the immense pain that everyone is feeling. He then continues with anaphora to describe the dreams that Kennedy had: “The dream of education. . . the dream of partnership… the dream of peace corps… ” and so on. After explaining what the nation has lost, he proceeds in promoting the resolve of the American people. Within theses few paragraphs, Johnson uses both syndeton and polysyndeton. He uses polysyndeton to put emphasis on the major issues the US must continue a, figurative, war on poverty. After putting emphasis on “… poverty, and misery, and disease, and ignorance” he uses chiasmus. This parallel, but inverted, structure allows for Johnson to highlight the unity of US citizens and their differences. In the time period before this statement Johnson helped many African-Americans during the Civil Rights Movement. It makes sense that Johnson would highlight the strength and wisdom gained from having a nation with a multitude of different people. Toward the end of this section, he uses asyndeton to get through the vast amount of projects the

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