Jihad : The World Is Mindful Of The Term `` Jihad ``

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Sacred for a second large religious group in the world yet controversial, the world is mindful of the term “Jihad”. The term has been coined and implemented negatively by the extremists in the name of Islam resulting in a shaken misbalance in the Islamic as well as in the rest of the world. In the light of recent events, the Arabic word “Jihad” has gained vital attention. The reason I chose this word is to make a little effort providing true and basic insight of jihad as described in Islam. Most people are aware of this term, use and criticize it, without even looking into the context of the word. The irony is that most people use Jihad for war, terrorism, hate etc. however, it is not connected with any of these terms. It is important to…show more content…
Even though, Jihad is a detailed topic, with different categories which further splits into more, still it is seen as shallow and connected to some non-Islamic schools of thought. Anti-Muslim groups twist the teachings of the Holy Quran and make corruptions in the land in the name of Islam causing never-ending problems to common people especially Muslims. Jihad bis saif (jihad by the sword) is commonly known and misinterpreted. In Islam, Jihad in the battlefield is only allowed for the defense and not for the killing of innocent people. It has been made clear in The Quran (Guidance for humanity), “And do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden [to be killed] except by [legal] right. This has He instructed you that you may use reason” (Al-An’am 6.151). This briefly defines the actual meaning of Jihad which is irrelevant for the killing of innocent souls, however, there are extremists who are creating havoc against Muslims. Today, Jihad is viewed as an extreme action performed by Muslims against non-Muslims in the name of Holy War. But in general, this term has been misunderstood for decades. Often it is seen that the specific verse describing the commandment made to the Muslims to kill non-Muslim is quoted from the Quran against Muslims in counter defense,
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