Jill's Thirteen Conversation About One Thing

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Premiered in 2001, Jill’s Thirteen conversation about one thing is a drama series that revolves around the lives and events of five protagonists whose paths cross in a way that changes the course of the lives. For instance, Troy, a successful and ambitious district attorney meets Gene, the mid-level insurance company manager who is melancholic about the fact that he has to decide the fate of one of the happiest and jovial people at the fire department, and the fact that is son is battling drug addiction problem. After some rounds of drinks, the happy life of Troy takes an unexpected turn when he drives under the influence of alcohol and hits a pedestrian, Beatrice who’s a cleaner. The movie further revolves around, a university professor, Walker, whose quest for happiness see his walks out of his wife, Patricia who finds out when Walker’s lost wallet is mailed back to their home. He goes on to marry his colleague with whom he believes is the key to new found happiness. This discussion seeks to discuss some of the dominant themes that are prevalent in the movie, Thirteen conversations about one thing.
Happiness is the most prevalent theme in the movie, Thirteen conversations about one thing. It fits in every conversation heard in the film: the search for
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Happiness from a discussion between Troy and gene seem to be divergent and dependent on a person's view of the world and life
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