Jim Crow Laws : Overcoming Racism In The United States

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In a country where Jim Crow laws are a thing of the past, and we just witnessed our first black president, many people believe that we have overcome racism as a country. While on the surface that may seem accurate, in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although racism doesn’t play the same immediate role that it played decades ago, it has taken on a much more passive-aggressive role. Gone are the days of blatant dehumanization and unequal rules. In today’s society you can find racism in far more subtle ways. Institutional discrimination, our government, and even our police all play major roles in today’s racism, and will continue to corrupt our country for generations despite all of our efforts to instill equality upon America.
Racism lives on in America through instances of systematic oppression such as housing discrimination. Despite fair housing acts put into place, African Americans still have trouble finding homes in certain areas, which leads them to settle down in low opportunity areas. This has created a domino effect as once they are in these poor areas, the only job opportunities pay at or around minimum wage. This leads to working a lot of hours while making a low income. As a result, kids grow up seeing their parents less, and lacking the financial stability to unlock their true potential. These kids would go on to grow up and live the same life as their parents, as they were trapped in these low-income neighborhoods that the system placed them in

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