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Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer who is widely considered to be the most important electric guitarist in the history of music. Although Hendrix is known for his outstanding ability to play the guitar, he is also a very famous name in Blues music. He played the acoustic guitar but is known for his outstanding ability to play the electric guitar. With songs such as Red House, Here My Train A Comin', and Born Under a Bad Sign, Hendrix is considered to be in the Chicago category and quickly made his way into the history of Blues music. James Marshall Hendrix was born on November 27, 1942 in Seattle Washington. James faced a somewhat difficult childhood as he was faced with many …show more content…

Rumors have it that Hendrix dropped out of the army because he faked being a homosexual along with breaking his ankle on a training mission. With a tough childhood, Jimi was finally maturing and becoming a man. As Jimi Hendrix matured, he turned to his guitar skills when nothing else was working for him. He joined a blues and rhythm circuit that traveled around playing at different restaurants in Nashville. Jimi was only a sideman and was making only a little money, if any at all. Hendrix was sick of being a sideman and decided to move to New York City to try and make it big. Being unfamiliar with New York City, Hendrix met Fanyne Pridgeon, a local Harlem native. She and Hendrix grew close over the years as she introduced him to other musicians such as the Allen twins. The Allen Twins played a big part in Hendrix's early career as the pushed him to succeed because they knew that he had talent. Because of the help of the Allen twins and Fayne Pridgeon, Hendrix won his first prize in the Apollo Theater. Later on, Jimi met a man named Curtis Knight who was the lead singer of Curtis Knight and the Squires. Hendrix and Knight quickly became close friends. Knight knew the music industry and helped out Hendrix. Though Knight helped Hendrix, he also hurt him. Knight introduced Hendrix to Greenwhich Village. This is where all the music was, but that's not all. Marijuana, Cocaine, and pep pills were all introduced to Hendrix and became apart of his daily life, as he

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