Billie Holiday Essay

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Billie Holiday, whose real name is Eleanora Gough, was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1915. She grew up mostly in Baltimore and always loved jazz. Billie was born to very young parents. Her mother was thirteen when she was born and her father just fifteen. (, 2010) Her father made his living as a jazz musician and later he left Billie’s mother. Billie was raised by her mother and grandparents. Billie was not a happy child and eventually left school at an early age. It was rumored that she became a prostitute like her mother. (, 2010) Her relationship with her father was not a loving one. Clarence Holiday was hardly ever around. Sometimes Billie would blackmail him for money by …show more content…

Billie went through years of hard drug and alcohol use mixed in with bad relationships. (, 2010) It is said that this hard lifestyle began to affect her work. Her songs were no longer filled with youthful emotions, but a sort of bitter regret. Even with the change in her music still had a great impact on other artists of her time and later. (, 2010) At the end of her life Billie’s personal life and career suffered. She didn’t have a cabaret card which is what was needed to work in New York City clubs at the time. She had no many in her bank account because she was cheated out of it. While she was dying she was arrested due to her heroin addiction. (, 2010) The relationships that Billie engaged in were almost as bad as her heroin addiction. She was married to Jimmy Monroe, but separated from him and briefly had an affair with a trumpeter. She finally divorced her husband and left the trumpeter only to take up with a man thought to be an enforcer for the mob. Louis McKay was no better than the rest, but tried to get Billie clean. When Billie died they weren’t even together. (, 2010) When I begin to use the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders based on axis 1: Billie displayed depression or a mood disorder which could have caused her to use drugs at an early age. Axis 2: Billie displayed a

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