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Jk Rowling is one of the best authors of the twenty-first century. She was able to make millions and millions of dollars off of one series of books. I, along with the thousands of other people who have read her books, find it incredible that she was able to do this. She was still able to have a relationship with her family. Regardless of the fact that she wrote some of the best selling novels in the world, Jk Rowling still went through family troubles and hard times. Rowling had a lot of family troubles. Her mother was a big part in these troubles. Her mother died after a battle with multiple sclerosis that she had been fighting for ten years (Gale). She had even experienced a failed marriage. After her divorce, she decided to move in …show more content…

How did she make it through these times and still write books? Nobody knows. “Rowling received welfare benefits and she felt as if this was as poor as she could get, without being homeless.” (Counihan). She still wrote books in this time period. “ Some of the plot lines in Harry Potter series also draw from real-world incidents such as the discriminatory practices of racism and ethnic cleansing.” (Gale). Despite these struggles, she was still able to write best selling novels.

Jk Rowling is, by far, one of the best authors of the 21st century. She is very well known for her books. The “Harry Potter” series is translated into 64 languages and worth 15 billion dollars (Counihan). Many people like her books because of the fantasy setting. The first “Harry Potter” book got the British book award, along with many more (“J.K.”). Rowling books are internationally known. The second “Harry Potter” book through the sixth, were best sellers in 200 countries ( “J.K.”). It is incredible how her books became so popular.

Just because Jk Rowling was the best author of the twenty-first century, doesn't mean she didn't go through any troubles. She is a living person. Everybody has hard times, some people just know how to deal with it better than others. Some people express what they are feeling through drawing, Jk Rowling expressed it through

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