Joan Of Arc Research Paper

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Amanda Austin Mr. George World History 21 December 2015 Joan of Arc was born in Domremy, France in 1412. She was born into a very poor family during the medieval age of France. Raised as a peasant girl, she was never taught to read or write, but had a passion for the Roman Catholic Church and its teachings. In this paper, I show how Joan embodied bravery, leadership and courage throughout her life. Also how she helped France believe they could win and how she changed the lives of many people around her. During Joan’s childhood France lacked unity. They were in a war with England, known as the Hundred Years’ War, which had occurred from 1337-1453. Around the age of thirteen, she began to hear voices that she believed were sent by God to lead the French to victory. …show more content…

She somehow needed a way for Charles to recognize her and allow her to join the army to help France win even though she was a girl. She cut her hair and dressed in men’s clothes to see him One day during a meeting with his court, Charles had dressed in disguise. He suddenly became amazed when Joan was able to recognize him and when he realized she came only to seek his approval and ask to join the army. From then on, he gave Joan armor and a horse and allowed her to accompany the army to Orléans. Charles did not fully trust in Joan’s judgment and advice. Entering into Orléans, she brought supplies and troops into the surrounded city. Joan led charge in several different battles and led the French in several stunning victories over the English. This gave the soldiers confidence that they could win after all. After the victory at Orléans, he began to trust her and she encouraged him to hurry to Reims to be crowned king. He was crowned Charles VII on July 18,

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