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Joan of Arc was a powerful military leader and a skilled warrior. Now St Joan of Arc is considered a saint and a martyr. The influence left by Joan’s life was an inspiration to all. France was forever changed by the empowering presence of Joan. Saint Joan was born 1412, “child of Jacques d’ Arc and his wife, Isabelle, also known as Romée, Joan learned piety and domestic skills from her mother. Never venturing far from home, Joan took care of the animals and became quite skilled as a seamstress” ( The birthplace of Joan is Domremy, France. The beginning of this hero was quaint, but Joan became a powerful leader and an inspiration to many, not only in France during the 1400s but across the world even today. …show more content…

Joan’s inspiration struck. The people of Joan’s village had already fled,but “Led by the voices of her saints, Joan traveled in May 1428 from Domrémy to Vaucouleurs, the nearest stronghold still loyal to the Dauphin, where she asked the captain of the garrison, Robert de Baudricourt, for permission to join the Dauphin” ( But gaining respect in a male dominate society was going to be hard to for Joan. Sadly Baudricourt, “did not take the 16-year-old and her visions seriously, and she returned home”( Getting respect in a man’s world was stemmed nearly impossible to the young heroine at the time. But Joan was not going to let anything get in the way. No one was going to stand between Joan and what was right. She returned, “Joan went to Vaucouleurs again in January 1429. This time her quiet firmness and piety gained her the respect of the people, and the captain, persuaded that she was neither a witch nor feebleminded, allowed her to go to the Dauphin at Chinon” ( Joan was set on making a difference in the world. Although Joan had gained some respect, some things were still a challenge. Nonetheless, “She left Vaucouleurs about February 13, dressed in men’s clothes and accompanied by six men-at-arms. Crossing territory held by the enemy, and traveling for 11 days, she reached Chinon” ( Stopping Joan was going to be quite the

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