Job Openings For Nurses And Nurses

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By 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the number of job openings for nurses will be a whopping 1.05 million (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN]). It’s been an ongoing challenge for several years to keep up with the demand for nurses as the baby boomers age and the need for care continues to grow. To complicate the problem, the nursing schools are at maximum capacity and due to a lack of nursing instructors, are unable to produce an adequate amount of nurses. So what does this mean for the nursing field? Already the consequences can be seen with the current nurses that are overworked with insufficient nurse to patient ratios. The problem is, because this battle is so big and continuous, smaller institutions like mine have accepted the idea that working with minimal staff is alright. As an employee, I agree that we make it work and get the job done, however conditions are not ideal. Proper staffing is not only critical for the safety of patients but also for the safety of nurses. A1. Nursing Practice Description I am an operating room (OR) nurse at an ambulatory surgery center (ASC). The company has two different offices with each location having a pain clinic on one side of the facility and an ASC on the other. Although they are two separate entities, the pain clinic and surgery center work together to treat chronic pain. Using fluoroscopy, the surgery center performs spinal blocks in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas. In
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