Job Posting For Account Coordinator

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From Account Coordinator to Account Executive

To summarize, (at Cundari) an account executive is someone responsible for daily client contact for executional details of projects/campaigns and ensures all projects are delivered on time and on budget. They are much more involved with the client than an account coordinator. As such, there are a considerable number of additional skills expected of an account executive relative to an account coordinator. These skills stem predominantly from the higher level of independence and accountability associated with being an account executive. Personally, I believe the skills (taken from the Cundari job posting) that I need to develop the most are the exemplary interpersonal skills required for client and vendor relationships, the organizational skills necessary to juggle the mass of projects and large workload, the ability to prioritize the order of accomplishing the tasks of said projects, and the ability to deal with times of inevitable conflict.

The first thing mentioned in Cundari’s job posting for Account Executive is the additional responsibility for maintaining client relationships and higher involvement in client projects, whether that be “actively creat[ing] relationships”, “work[ing] closely with your clients”, or “ensuring each client is well informed throughout the process and is confident in the agency’s project management”. It’s more than just administrative work and task completion and being an account executive demands

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