The Role Of Operations Manager Responsible For Managing The Day Operations Of The Ceylon Exchange

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When talking about my role the Operations Manager responsible for managing the day to day operations of the Ceylon Exchange which involves in budget, finance and supervisions. Being as an Operations Manager I have to motivate, energize and empower staff and clients with focussed consultative process. As the post involve demands a strong work ethics, with a skill in leadership aspects are really essential for an Operations Manager. At the same time for my role having collaborative with tremendous flexibility and capacity for change are essential. By applying my management major principles and concepts I could able to do my work really well.

This role critical for the business success where it involves independent and self-directed work, …show more content…

Overall he participate in every functions to make the whole organisation working sufficiently.
Admin Assistant: This position involves very close relation to Managing Director. Where they overseas all operation that has been carried by Managing Director before its being proceed. At the same time the position involves assigning any task that being come overseas agents and parities.
Book Keeper: This is a quite an important role for the business operation. Because the role involve financial management of the company. Where they have to looking after all the accounts that’s being coming all around the world from Ceylon agents every day. Also looking after bank accounts that Ceylon operates in.
FX Dealer: Specifically deals with close and third party financial service provider that Ceylon deals with. FX dealer work along with Managing Director to decide whether deal that comes from third party agents would be appropriate or not. Also they are the one who look after any legal requirement towards company operations.

New Zealand Operations Manager: This is the role that I have been working for. Where it’s involves full operation of Ceylon Exchange New Zealand. I have to work along with Managing Director to carryout to implement strategies, managerial operations and other business operation matters.

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