John Dewey's Education And Role Of Education

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Throughout time, the idea and purpose of education, who should be educated, how to educate and role of the teacher has been debated and continuously evolving since before the times of the great philosopher, Plato, to the times of modern day philosophers like, John Dewey. Plato believed that the model for education was to produce adults that were competent and could contribute to the needs of the state. He believed that not all students should receive the same education, students should be educated in one of three categories based on their abilities (Noddings, 2016). American philosopher, Dewey believed that education aim was growth, since growth leads to more growth or more education. Dewey did agree with Plato that education should not be the same for every student, but Dewey did not believe students would fall into three categories, he believed education should be differentiated to meet the needs of the of each individual student (Noddings, 2016). I believe education should be available to all, regardless of sex, gender, race ethnicity, etc. Education should help prepare students to be positive, productive members of society, broaden student’s knowledge to make informed decisions about the ways in which they want to contribute to society and provide learning opportunities to students.
In thinking about preparing people to be positive productive members of society, education should be a mix between Plato and Dewey’s ideas about education. The basic components that Plato

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