John F Kennedy Assassination Essay

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Arturo Rivera
9th grade Lit-Period

Assassinate: to murder (a usually prominent person) by sudden or secret attack often for the political reason. One of the most famous assassination was President John F. Kennedy . The assassination of President Kennedy was unjust because he was a war hero who saved many people. A small portion of people believe that President John F. Kennedy caused the Cuban missile crisis to escalate the way it did, but other people believe that President John F. Kennedy made the situation better . The most famous collision in American Navy history took place on a warm,moonless night in 1943. A PT109 (Battleship) was idling off the South Pacific island of Kolombangara. With no warning, a Japanese destroyer …show more content…

There was no way for Americans to know and, at that point, no Kennedy could bring himself to inform them that Cuban protestations of a purely defensive purpose for the missiles were genuine. We did not know what Castro knew that thousands of [CIA] agents were plotting his death, the destruction of his government’s economy, the sabotaging of his mines and mills, the crippling of his sugar and copper industries. We had invaded Cuba once; officials high in Congress and the executive department thought we should have followed up with overwhelming support for that invasion; by our timetable of a year to bring Castro down, the pressure to supply that kind of support in a new “rebellion” was growing.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a thirteen-day confrontation from October 15 to October 28, 1962, between the United States and the Soviet Union over the positioning of nuclear missiles in Cuba. In 1962, the Soviet Union secretly placed nuclear-tipped missiles on the Communist-led island of Cuba.The resolution of the Cuban missile crisis involved more than transactional leadership, however. In the complex negotiations that followed the discovery of the missiles, President Kennedy and his team of advisors experienced an evolution in their thinking, while operating under intense

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