John Fitzgerald Kennedy Biography

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29th, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. He has 7 siblings, he was the second eldest child. He didn’t know that one day he would be president or changing things, or even saving the United States for that matter. But he did. He accomplished much in his life span. For example he negotiated the nuclear test-ban treaty, and initiated the alliance for process. He also prohibited the testing of nuclear weapons underwater, outer space, and in our atmosphere. John saved us from a nuclear war in 1962, mostly because of the prudence of john, and the belted prudence of Khrushchev. They realized that once blood was spilt, that it would be very hard to keep any problem under control, so the Cuban missiles did not get fired. John also secretly agreed to take the missiles off of turkeys land, and not to invade Cuba. But a little after that Cuba was caught lurking in the islands by Florida. …show more content…

They were fighting in the civil rights movement. But they wanted different things, Kennedy wanted to be united. But martin Luther king said how it’s necessary to give freedom to each race. Different topics, but in the end they wanted the same thing. John studied at many schools such as Harvard law, Riverdale country school, Choate rosemary hall, and lastly Sanford university/graduate school of business. He had a saying, “do not pray for easy, pray to be a stronger man.” I think this quote means asking God to make you a stronger person; to face things, then pray for things to be easy your whole life. Reasoning I’m sharing about his quote is because it influences me in a way to motivate.
John f. Kennedy was a good man, and hard working. He was president our president from 1961 to 1963. He ended up getting assassinated on November 29th, 1963 in Dallas, Texas on a motorcade. He was the youngest president to

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