John Green's Affect Of The Renaissance On The Renaissance

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In the Crash Course video, John Green discussed about the Renaissance and some of the main people that influenced the Renaissance. He also talked about some of the important places that had an affect on the Renaissance. Along with how those places were able to affect the Renaissance. Mr.Green also states some reasoning to why he believes that the Renaissance isn't a real event and how it never happened. Mr.Green says that the Renaissance was the rebirth after all the terrible things that happened throughout the dark ages of the 14th century Europe. The Renaissance happened during the 15th and 16th century in Europe but mostly in Italy. It supposedly ushered Europe into the modern era of rationality, secularism, and individualism. The Renaissance …show more content…

Now each city-state had a product that made them prosper. For Florence it was cloth, Milan arms, but Venice and Genoa became extremely rich of off trade. That would be why the wealthiest city-state was Venice. That is because they were excellent shipbuilders, sailors, and merchants. They figured out how to trade with the biggest economic power in the region, the Ottomans. They created most their profit from trading paper to the Ottomans. Another way they turned a profit was with the highly sought after Florentine textiles due to the textiles vibrant color that was dyed with alum. Now they could only get this chemical for the Ottomans until 1460. That was when the Pope's godson found alum in Italy and they started to mine the alum. The family in charge of the alum mining rights were the Medici. Another way the Muslims had an affect on the Renaissance was they supplied many of the literary works for the Italians to study. This was because the Muslims spent centuries working on Ancient Greek writings. They especially worked with the writings of apothem you and Aristotle. Aristotle was very important because he was the starting point for both the Muslims and the Christians. Another great thing we can thank the Muslims for was influencing the great mind of Copernicus why discovered the heliocentric solar

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