John Jennen Theme Of Love

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Throughout Love Poem, Jenning’s explores the theme of romanticised love and her personal struggle to bare its complex nature as she is portrayed as a private person who avoids intimacy. Despite her vulnerability, she discusses the idea that true love involves aspects of pain and discomfort.

Within the first stanza, Jenning’s crafts a sense of exposure advocated by her “shyness that we have only with those whom we love most.” Feeling unprotected from the emotional damage of love, Jenning’s indicates her hesitance through the adverb “only.” This connotes exclusivity and privacy because her feelings are revealed to only be uncovered to specific, special individuals. It suggests the rarity of her affections and implies she is reluctant to open
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Her use of plosives imitates her nervousness as she is displayed as uncomfortable with the idea of exposing herself to the vulnerability associated with pain. A fragile atmosphere is incorporated within this stanza as she emphasises the importance of truth which connotes a sense of being unguarded or broken down. As well as this, Jenning’s explores the delicacy of people as love inevitably pushes them to their limit. In order to experience love entirely Jenning’s explains that true feelings result in “every shaking of the heart.” This could suggest the excitement led by love, the skipped heart beats and ‘butterflies’ causing the muscle to tremble. However, Jenning’s explores the fine line between excitement and anxiety. In portraying the heart this way, love is suggested to be dangerous as it puts strain on the persona’s life. In experiencing true love, the persona is said to be placed at risk of loss as the heart symbolises their existence. True love is so complex, the heart trembles and threatens to stop as a whole should it become unbalanced with passion or emotional weight. Jenning’s exaggerates the deadly nature of love as she highlights the destruction it is capable of. This is significant to her as she is presented to have lost in the past. Through this use of imagery,…show more content…
She picks at the complex nature of love in a way that she reveals it's insecurity and shyness as it is often ignored. To do this, she further explains that loud love is “love that holds itself in doubt.” Jenning’s discusses the humble nature of love that is misconceived or hidden due to its misjudgment of being cruel. Love cries out in desperation to be recognised for its beauty. It doubts itself as so many people let it slip away out of anxiety or shyness. Jenning’s emphasises the importance of love being embraced as it is “quiet.” This implies, if brushed aside it will yield to being ignored because it is used to being distrusted for its vibrant beauty and is instead associated with fear. Moreover, it’s quietness reveals its softness and gentle nature that Jenning’s argues is important to be appreciated. To do this, she breaks the repetition of “o love is kind” and instead, replaces the phrase with “For love is quiet.” As well as this, she disrupts her regular use of rhyme and 8 syllables per
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