John Locke And The Social Contract Theory

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Over time American society has greatly evolved. Hobbes and Locke developed several different theories and ideas that contributed to helping our society evolve to how it is today. From their theories to their ideas on natural rights it was clear that they had completely different ideas on society. However, they both agreed that government is necessary in order to protect natural rights and that we should create laws that make us happy as a society. The social contract theory defines what we will give up in order to have a stable society. We give up absolute freedom in order to gain stability. People want to know the rules they have to follow and to be protected by the government. Therefore, people don’t really want absolute liberty. In a contract two or more people have to make an agreement in which they give up something to gain something. So the society needs to decide what freedoms they want and which ones they want to transfer over to the government. Locke thinks that our social contract is we are creating laws that make us happy as a society. Hobbes agrees for the most part and says that our biggest job as a society is creating laws that make us happy. The way a philosopher views human nature influences the way he thinks society should be organized. If they view human nature like Hobbes, all flawed and corrupt, they might want more of a sovereign government or a strong governing force in control to keep a lid on society. These philosophers are probably more pessimistic.
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