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In Plato’s dialogue, Euthyphro, Socrates and Euthyphro discuss what the gods find pious. In the dialogue, Euthyphro claims to know what the gods enjoy, and what they find impious. Euthyphro claims that what the gods love is pious and what the gods hate is impious. The question Socrates responds with is whether the gods only love what is pious or is what is pious is what the gods have loved (Timmons, 27). This question leads to many problems for the unrestricted version of the divine command theory which is a moral theory based on God’s commands and their relation to morality. Does God command what is right or is what is right commanded by God? There exists a version of …show more content…

The problem the unrestricted divine command theory runs into is dealing with two of the other characterizing tenets of God. These tenets are God’s divine rationality and God’s divine moral perfection. Divine rationality meaning God has a justification behind everything he does, and divine moral perfection meaning, God is fully perfect in every possible moral facet to the greatest order of magnitude. First, the belief that God possesses divine rationality comes into question when one accepts the unrestricted divine command theory. The sole reason actions are right or wrong are because God has commanded that certain actions are that way. Seeing that the morality of actions relies solely on the fact that God commanded certain actions are good and certain actions are bad leaves one with the ability to claim that God could have commanded anything to be good, and it would have to be that way. God did not have to base his commands on facts, nor did he have support his claims in any way because he created morality; however, this leaves one questioning God’s divine rationality. He had no justifications to the commands he made meaning he had no distinct rationale behind his commands. He simply stated what actions were right and wrong, and these orders were followed because God is the being that holds the power to create everything, including what is good and what is

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