John Phillip Sousa

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John Philip Sousa born November 6, 1854 the third of ten children of Maria Elisabeth Trinkaus and John Antonia Sousa. Sousa Mother was born in Bavaria and his father was born in Spain to a Portuguese parents. John Philip Sousa began his musical education around the age of six. Because John Philip Sousa was raised in the nation’s capital during the Civil War, he was then exposed to military music on the daily basis. At the time military bands did not only provide entertainment, but they also accompany actual marches onto the field of combat. After the war John Philip Sousa served a seven-year apprenticeship in the Marine Band where he then returned as the group’s Director in the year 1880. In the late 1880’s he began to make his name not just …show more content…

He was associated with the military wind band music and was known as the March king. During a wonderful vacation in Europe John Philip Sousa and his wife Jane Van Middlesworth Bellis received news that souse’s band manager David Blakely died. Soon he and his wife got on a ship back home to the United States. Sousa began to hear a rhythmic band playing in his head. This trigger his most popular composition the “Stars and Stripes Forever” this composition was mainly inspired by the feeling of coming home to America. In other countries the stars and stripes were seemed as the most magnificent thing in the world. In 1897, this composition had become an immediate success until the band stopped touring. In today’s society, it is known as the official march of the United States of America. This is just one of many of John Philip Sousa popular …show more content…

On December 9, 1939 the new Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge in Washington D.S was dedicated to the memory of John Philip Sousa. With the tribute to the 7th leader, in 1974 the marine band rededicated its historical band hall at marine barracks as John Philip Sousa Band Hall. He wrote three novels as an instrument guide for trumpets and drums including an autobiography. This gives other the ability to continue his legacy and learn how to play many instruments. Nevertheless, but they are able to get educated and informed on the wonderful things that John Philip Sousa has accomplished in the United States as a lieutenant commander in the Naval Reserve to a musical composer. Also get educated on why the United States now uses John Philip Sousa most famous composition “Stars and stripes forever”. John Philip Sousa will forever be remember rather is through the military, musical band, or his most famous

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