John Rick Is A Christian Farmer, Salem, Massachusetts, The Land Of The Puritans

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John Rick was a Christian farmer in Salem, Massachusetts, the land of the Puritans. Since the first Puritans’ arrival at the New World from England, everything had been normal and people havd been doing normal things like farming, cooking, preaching, making candles or going to church. Together, they built a strong Christian community of hardworking, humble Christ followers. They even found a college named Harvard to train pastors. John Rick’s generation continued to keep those values and protect the lands. However, there was a dark period of time when the town was not normal anymore. For some reasons, people in Salem started to believe that the Devil had come among them. He tempted even people who used to be virtous Christians and tried …show more content…

Although almost forty people signed in a petition for Mrs. Nurse, she still ended up being hanged. Another trial that Rick attended was the trail of George Simpson’, one of Rick’s closest friend. Simpson, as honest as Mrs. Nurse, refused to confess and claimed that he was innocent before God. The moment the judge declare Simpson’s death sentence, Rick was quite surprised. Rick was already quite unconvinced of Mrs. Nurse’s death, and this time he was even more doubtful. First, George Simpson was a nice and educated minister that helped everyone who needed help. Until the night Simpson got arrested, Rick saw no non-Christian signs on this friend. Also, Rick knew that Simpson was a muscular man, so it totally made sense if he could lift a big rock with one hand. Nevertheless, all court personnels concluded that Simpson could not have done that without Satan’s help. For some reasons, Rick told himself that he could not do anything about it. It became truly serious to John Rick when one afternoon, a court official and other ten men came to his house to arrest his wife. Mrs. Rick was similar to Mrs. Nurse, a virtous and pious Christian woman. John Rick had nearly gone mad; half of his mind told him if his wife was indeed innocent, she would be released. The other half reminded him of Mrs. Nurse’s and Simpson’s deaths. That night, he went around in the town to convince people to sign in a petition for his wife. By the

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