John Steinbeck 's Of Mice And Men

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Bailey Hayes 21 September 2015 AP English Journal A 1.) John Steinbeck- Of Mice and Men Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck has a very entertaining hook. The first paragraph had a really engaging tone, I could easily image the setting. I definitely wanted to keep reading. Right off the bat, I could tell the subject of the book would be about the two men traveling to find work during a tough time. They are going through the hardships of eating one can of beans for dinner, trying to get along with each other, and mainly keeping the peace. The two main characters are George and Linney. They are two adult men, George is the dominant, level headed one, very small and limpy; then there is Linney who is childlike and big in stature. The first part of the book was really calm, when the setting was being described. When it got to the main characters, the tone started to rise more, and was kind of tense. I really liked the book, it was interesting because usually I don’t like when authors go on and on about the setting, but in this book it really went well and tied into the following event. It was refreshing not being overpowered by the setting description, and the use of dialogue. One of the only things I didn’t prefer about the first part if the story was the use of their language. It’s really hard to understand the text and still try to figure out what they mean when a character says: “An’,” or “foun’.” (247) 2.) Alice Walker- Meridian Meridian by Alice Walker, had a very

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