John Wesley's Roll Essay

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Question 3 and 4: There were many historic figures in the movement. I am going to list several and give their respective contributions to the movement.
1. John Wesley – he was one of the founders of Methodist. He introduced organization and purpose into the movement. He defended the movement to keep it alive. He provided the gospel in the colony in different languages.
2. Charles Wesley helped promote the Methodist movement.
3. Samuel Wesley and Susanna Wesley – Parents of John Wesley. They provided their children with their first formal and religious education. Visiting the shut in probably came from Samuel Wesley. The importance of education to youth probably came from Wesley’s parents.
4. Jeremy Taylor help John understand what “true religion” was and …show more content…

Sarah Kirkham was Wesley’s closest female friend and a shared partner in his vision of Christian commitment and holy living.
9. John Clayton introduced Wesley to the program of the Manchester nonjurors who focused on the life and thought of early Christianity.
10. Sir John Phillips was the prime mover in the SPCK and a substantial contributor to the Oxford Methodists’ causes.
11. John Clayton influenced John Wesley on the importance of discipline in his work and schedule. He introduced “Stationary fasts” into the groups. He introduced social activities into the group. He altered the character of the group by introducing a subsidiary level of group participation. He promoted a scheme to spread the movement. He helped Wesley to go to the new colony.
12. Benjamin Ingham brought Whitefield into the group. He traveled with John Wesley to the Colony. He discovered the small group in the colony. He promoted the group design. Charles Delamotte
13. August Spangenberg was the Moravian leader. He counseled Wesley as to his personal state of salvation.
14. Robert Hows the parish clerk in Savannah. Help bring the Wesley movement to the Colony. He introduced the small group in the colony to

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