Johnny's Funerals Diary

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A Tuesday. The day of both Johnny and Dally’s funeral. The funerals were combined because they were close friends and almost no one would have gone to Dally’s funeral anyways, so they were combined. I woke up early and Soda wasn’t there next to me, but there was a note in the place of him. The note said:

Dear Ponyboy and Darry, I am so sorry to leave without telling you, but I have to make right. Sandy is the love of my life and it would be wrong if I did not give it another chance. I love her, and she needs to know that.
Sodapop Curtis I immediately popped out of the bed I was sleeping in to show Darry the note. I did not know how Darry would have said or even acted, but I knew that he had to know. Once I showed Darry the note, the room fell silent. I thought that he was shocked about the news, but he didn’t do anything. He didn’t even make the slightest motion, other than his stomach moving up and down
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It wasn’t crowded and there weren’t so many people there, because we were basically the only friends that Dally and Johnny had. The only people who were there were the Socs who jumped us that night Johnny killed Bob, Johnny’s parents, the priest, and our gang. No one was there for Darry, not his parents or any of his family members, just us. This was the only prayer service that the whole gang sat through without moving, but I couldn’t think about the funeral. I didn’t want to know or think that Johnny and Darry were both gone. I just thought about Soda. Where is he? Is he safe? Did he find Sandy yet? I hoped he would come back with Sandy instead of getting his heart broken even more. He better not mess up this second chance. And if he does, as Steve said, it would be his fault for trying. But. it would also be my fault for not bringing him back. The funeral was short and no one cried. Although, Johnny’s parents were crying like babies and Johnny’s mother kept saying that it was our fault that her only son was
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