Johnson & Johnson Code Of Ethics Analysis

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In 1886, three brothers, James, Edward, and Robert Johnson, started a multinational healthcare business in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Johnson & Johnson, one of the world’s largest American company, provides diverse healthcare products across the nation. Johnson & Johnson has gained a competitive advantage over most of its competitors because of its leadership in diverse healthcare products. This company offers a plethora of products such as baby care, oral care, skin care, wound care, women health, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. Robert Wood Johnson crafted the company’s credo, a statement of in which he expresses the company mission of “caring for the world, one person at a time.” (Johnson & Johnson 2015). The company’s credo is very well-structured and very detailed about claiming full responsibility for its employees, doctors, nurses, and patients and also developing a positive business relationship amongst its stakeholders (Johnson & Johnson 2015). Johnson & Johnson is well known for its caring and fair culture to society and corporate environment, however, this company has faced multiple ethical dilemmas which have jeopardized their brand. Every business needs to establish a code of ethics. A code of ethics document will not only outline the companies mission, goals, and values, but it will also establish ethical business principles based on an organizations culture. Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is one of the many companies that have utilized a code of ethics
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