Jollibee 's A Competitive Advantage

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1. Jollibee’s earlier successful performance was indicated by the customer favorite: the hamburger. The company’s culture also indicated the successful performance, establishing the “Five Fs” which were “friendliness, flavorful food, fun atmosphere, flexibility in catering to customer needs, and a focus on families.” McDonalds was already a well-established and company that already made a name for it. How do you compete with one of the most successful companies in the fast food industry? Well guess what, with product differentiation, Jollibee did that. McDonalds most popular item is the Big Mac, which demonstrated a striking performance in the Philippines. Jollibee countered by creating a large hamburger of its own, the Champ. Another factor that played a role in Jollibee gaining a competitive advantage was there was research conducted where Filipinos enjoyed the spicy taste to Jollibee’s burger instead. A major event that took place was the exile of a political opposition leader, which led foreign investors such as McDonald’s to slow down completely. Jollibee sought this opportunity to help the firm achieve strategic competitiveness by expanding its menu to match local consumer tastes. McDonald’s dealt with threat of new entrants when they decided to set up restaurants in the Philippines, they didn’t have much knowledge of what was going on in the government with there political segment nor did they know the intensity of rivalry. Jollibee’s competitive advantage was its

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