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McDonald's Corporation
Comprehensive Case Analysis
About everyone at some age, at some point or another, and in some country has gotten a sample of American's symbol for fast food through the golden arches of McDonald's. This report will attempt to analyze the external and internal sectors that affect the company's success. The external analysis will provide opportunities and threats while the internal analysis will show indicators of strength and weakness. It will then follow up with critical issues, strategic alternatives, recommendations and implementation. The case studied is found in Appendix 2 of Mary Coulter's "Strategic Management in Action" book.
External Analysis With the numerous fast-food chains found …show more content…

There were less of the "Ronald McDonald" commercials and more commercials with teens or middle-aged adult persons seen on TV or in internet pop-up advertising wherever McDonald's would be a sponsor. As Coulter had described the many chefs who gathered to improve on the once classic Big Mac Special Sauce, this was an effort of research and development to strengthen its product quality for the Big Mac burger. These efforts have expanded to offer product offerings such as the 100% all-natural white chicken found in the more expensive chicken strips and premium chicken sandwiches. Management has also taken initiative to further employee development. This initiative was an organizational strength, in many countries outside of the United States such as Brazil where it was named "Brazil's Best Employer", Sweden where it was named "Best Competence Company", and Australia where it was Australia's "Employer of the Year" in 1999. The old system of restaurant scoring was a weakness and when Cantalupo took over as CEO, he eliminated the old system, "Proejct Innovate" and implemented a new plan of mystery diners from outside survey firms to review the many restaurants. This new information systems, combined with internet technology, allowed store managers to compare their store's performance among others. From these turnarounds, McDonald's turned its weaknesses into strengths.
Critical Issues A critical issue that caused McDonald's Corporation ratings to dwindle down over

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