Jon Osterman's The Watchmen

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In the beginning of The Watchmen the Comedian is killed. He was member of a team of superheroes. Rorschach, a former costume hero turned vigilante, believes that the Comedian was murdered. When He first confronts his old partner Dan Drieburg (Nite Owl), Rorschach informs Dreiberg that The Comedian was murdered and that he suspects it’s part of a bigger plot to kill other former heroes. Rorschach also pays a visit to former costumed heroes billionaire Adrian Veidt (Ozymandias), Jon Osterman (Dr. Manhattan), and Laurie Juspeczyk (The Silk Spectre), to warn them about the killer as well. None of them take him seriously. Out of all of these heroes one really stands out. Dr. Manhattan is unlike any of the other heroes possessing almost God like…show more content…
97). This directly refences the stars in the panel and how alone Dr. Manhattan feels. The text continues, “pondering upon the cold distant god in whose hands the fate of davidstown rested” (Moore & Gibbons pg. 97). This foreshadows that the fate of the world might rest in the hands of Dr. Manhattan. He is the closest thing to a God, and is the United States not so secret weapon. He feels like the world no longer needs or wants him. The other text on the page states that “Had he been there once but now departed” (Moore & Gibbons pg. 97)? This is important because in the page just before we see Jon take a picture of his old lover and a man who might have been Jon before he got his powers. This seems to directly reference what is happening on the page although it’s from another comic. However, they were put on this page to make the reader think of where Jon is and maybe he had been there before a long time ago. I believe that these words were put here to have the reader make that assumption. Also, to let the reader understand Jon’s sense of loneliness and show that he has somehow changed. He is creating new reality for him and the world, because without his help the United Sates is under threat of a nuclear
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