Guns, Germs, And Steel By Jared Diamond

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Throughout history, the circumstances that people were born into were not equal. While some were born on hospitable lands where people and animals could flourish, others were born on desolate and isolated lands that proved unsuitable for plants and livestock. These uncontrollable circumstances as well as others created the different types of lifestyles that people live by. Through the book Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond illustrates the five themes of world history by explaining a chain of effects stemming from the first people interacting with their given environments. Diamond aimed to show his view that the social and racial hierarchy of the present only developed because of the conditions different groups of people had to cope …show more content…

Amazonian Indians and Pacific Islanders, however, were not able to develop these kinds of diseases, since they lived a nomadic lifestyle devoid of complex agriculture. Because they constantly moved in small groups, did not settle down, and did not live in close proximity with domesticated animals, they were unable to develop the bacteria that led to diseases, like the Eurasians did, leading to the gap in disease vulnerability. This example supports Diamond’s argument because it correlates with his thesis that people became a certain way due to arbitrary circumstantial happenings. The occurrence of diseases from animals to human beings happened by chance in Eurasia, and not in other places such as Australia. The conditions just happened to be right in Eurasia for germs to develop, since there were more domesticable plants and animals there. Additionally, the spread of diseases was much quicker across that continent compared to any other. I chose this example because diseases played a big determining factor in whether a conquest would be successful or not. Diamond depicts the theme development and interactions of cultures best in chapter 12 (Blueprints and Borrowed Letters). In this chapter, he talks about systems of writings and how they have changed as well as spread between cultures. Acknowledging the complexity of devising a

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