Jon Snow And Frank Gallagher

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Jon Snow and Frank Gallagher are two very different individuals as they reside on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of morals. But one thing is for sure, they both know how to put themselves and others around them in danger. That and their amount of near death experiences are most likely their only major similarities, although Jon’s are from battle and Frank’s are from alcohol poisoning. Frank Gallagher is the father of a lower class, dysfunctional family in the Showtime series “Shameless.” The biggest standout of Frank’s behavior would probably have to be how drunk he is at all times. He has been qualified as the “most impressive case of alcoholism” by a renowned doctor. This causes him to be a horrible father who fails to connect with and provide for his family due to his alcoholism and unemployment. As a result, the eldest sister of the family had to step up as the main provider. Frank exhibits many odd behaviors while intoxicated, he frequently finds himself waking up in strange places with no memory of how he arrived there, these places can range from his house kitchen in Philly to a random sidewalk bench in Toronto. But interestingly enough, his oddest behavior, at least from the perspective of his kids, comes from when he is not inebriated. This is difficult to see because Frank is always drunk, but in one episode he gets offered $3000 if he can remain sober for two weeks for a scientific study. His soberness changed everything. Instead of the kids having to

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