Jonathan Edwards : The Great Awakening

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Minna Autry Mrs. Nicki Brewer American Literature 20 November 2015 Title Jonathan Edwards was one of the most famed evangelical preachers in the Age of the Great Awakening. He is best known for his most impactful sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Edwards preached with fury and conviction of the All Great our God. He preached for the wanderers; those lost in their spiritual belief. Edwards uses a wide variety of figurative language and rhetorical techniques to urge unregenerate Christians to sanctify their lives and walk devoutly before God, using fear. During this time of recognition, renewal and self-reliance in one’s connection with God, Edwards’ sermon did nothing but illustrate the exact conception of the age of the Great Awakening. The chaotic times of disagreement between religious and political groups in the late 17th century came to a grinding halt in the year of 1688 during the Glorious Revolution. During this year the Church of England was established as the reigning church of the country. Religions, such as Catholicism, Judaism and Puritanism were later suppressed. Politically, this could mean stability. Instead, spirituality and religion became somewhat monotonous and dry to believers. It began to become a routine without much connection or cognition. After a while of this complacency, a spiritual revival crossed over to the American colonies during the first half of the 18th century. This was the beginning of something great in the eyes of
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