Jones Soda Company

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Executive Summary Over the past two years, Jones Soda Company has successfully acquired strategic alliances with various companies in order to provide deeper and more diverse market exposure. Some of these companies include Barnes & Noble, Panera Bread, and Starbucks. Since Jones does not deal in multimillion dollar advertising campaigns, this is their best way to promote their brand. By offering their wide assortment of beverages in stores and restaurants, Jones has been able to sell more to the consumer than would be at all possible on their own. In order to best continue on this route to success, the current recommendation is to acquire a strategic alliance with Applebee’s. The New Age beverage industry is relatively new…show more content…
Casual dining restaurants have shown an increase in business as well, which would further increase Jones’ sales with the acquisition of the Applebee’s strategic alliance. Jones is effectively responding to their industry’s threats as well. They have gone around the issues of a flooded market and limited shelf space by offering their products in unconventional locations as well as stores like Barnes & Noble, Panera Bread, and Starbucks. These alliances have allowed Jones to enjoy the benefits of many more sales than they could make on their own. V. IFE Matrix Jones’ IFE shows that they performed at an average level. This is because they take full advantage of their strengths, but have done little to conquer their weaknesses. As was explained previously, Jones is great at generating and keeping the interest of their customers. Their direct to retail distribution strategy through their strategic alliances brings in phenomenal amounts of revenue. Including the customer in the design and production decisions also ensures consumer growth and loyalty as well. Jones’ internal problems mainly lie within the distribution of their product. They rely heavily on independent distributors and therefore have no strong, long term relationships with these distributors. As a result, Jones incurs high variable costs and runs in to
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