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The story of a young brother that unleashed anger, envy, annoyance , and rivalry in his own family. He was the eldest son of Jacob and Rachel, the product of true love. His life faced a turning point, caused by his father's decisions which later became the reality of being abandoned by his brothers, sold to the Ishmaelite and being raised in another culture. While It was his father's and brother's decisions that made Joseph fulfill his destiny in Egypt , Jacob's behavior leads to conflicts in his family. Joseph is given preference over the rest of his brothers, and he is awarded with a tunic that makes his father's position towards the rest very clear.. The beginning of parental favoritism, can be traced a few chapters back in the book of …show more content…

Nevertheless, Jacob had his reasons, why he loved Joseph more than his brothers. First Joseph was the son he had long looked for , from the relationship with Rachel. And we know this because Rachel like Sarah could not bear children for a long period of time. Everything changes until she prays and asks God for a child, and she bears Joseph. Joseph's birth like Isaac's are both seen as a fulfilled promise, that is why Joseph is seen as the blessing they both had waited for. He brought happiness to his father. His love and behavior towards Joseph is different ,because he [ Joseph] was the son of the woman he loved, all those years of hard work, and patiently waiting. Beautiful clothing have been worn by many people throughout history. Many of those garments were made of expensive materials such as : linen, crimson, silk, cotton, and jewels. The second portion of verse 3 exposes a type of clothing that becomes the secondary main problem in Joseph's teenage life. " And he made him an ornamented tunic" ( Five Books of Moses, Gen.37.3). This literally says that Jacob made him a really attractive and decorative tunic. Alter describes it as a type of haute couture ( a really expensive , high …show more content…

It would have been better for the entire family if Jacob would have never given the garment, because everyone knew already that Joseph had the undivided attention from his father, and the tunic was not necessary to approve that. Jacob is the one to blame for unleashing the wrath of his sons towards Joseph. The problem was big enough and there was no need to make it bigger, which eventually later in the story results in Joseph's exile into Egypt. Most importantly this is a passage that interestingly shows many family problems that we are currently witnesses of, such as parents marking their children lives through their decisions which further more have an outcome in their children future and that parents are not always the best at their job, but they think they are. This story is important , it shows the traveling periods of human beings , how obstacles in life can shape a person and be rewarding in the future. It is clear that God, had a plan for Joseph, since the beginning of the story, we do not know why, but maybe it was Joseph's attitude overall that honored God. And he is to be truly admired by his faithfulness in the entire story, he never gave up. His dreams were a vision of the future, and visions that became true, in the moment he saved his family's

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