Journal Entries for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

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May 9, 2013 Today I started reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I really like how the author describes the background of the story in the prologue of the book. It really helps to understand the story better later on. Jacob, the main character in this book, is kind of a shy kid, and seems like a slacker. He doesn’t seem to want to work hard at anything. I really love how the author jumps right into the plot with Grandpa Portman’s frantic phone call while Jacob is at work. Very excited to read more! May 17, 2013 This book is already super intense! I am reading the part of the book where Ricky and Jacob go to Grandpa Portman’s house to see if he is okay, but find him dead, and Jacob sees a creepy …show more content…

June 20, 2013 Jacob met Miss Peregrine finally! He learns that she is a ymbryme, which means that she can transform herself into a bird and manipulate time to create a safe place for her and her peculiar children. I feel like this book is getting weirder by the second. I really am not into the mythical kind of things in some books, but I still feel like it has a good plot and a good storyline and theme. Ransom Riggs continues to impress me by his writing. June 27, 2013 I finished the book today. I really liked it. It had a great plot and story line, kept me very entertained, had great descriptions and made you feel like you were really living in the book. It was just an all around great book. I would for sure recommend this book to anyone. It ended very abruptly, with Dr. Golan actually being a psycho and Miss Peregrine was thrown into the sea, but Jacob and the other children fought the hollows and rescued Miss Peregrine. Again, all around great book and great author, I highly

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