Journey: My Dementia Journey

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My dementia journey began years ago. It was a sharp learning curve. I had to; 1. Understand dementia and how it affected my mum 2. Understand and accept what it means to be a carer 3. Realise that so many health care professionals on whom I rely, often don’t understand and lack training.......The insistence on providing just sandwiches for every meal eventually caused my mum to rebel and stop eating, she dramatically lost weight..2st in 2 months. My mother has mixed type vascular dementia with Alzheimer’s and was diagnosed in 2004. She’s 88, lives alone and I’m her principle carer. I often feel I’m the only thing standing between her and residential care, my mother does not want to go into a residential home and she’s told me often. She …show more content…

The time, responsibility and sheer quantity of events can be overwhelming. 30 Mum’s psychiatrist said she has moderate dementia, is in good health and could go on for 10 years more. Imagine! I’ll be 75 and mum will be 99! It’s hard enough caring for someone with dementia without having to battle and worry about care services going wrong, especially as I rely on other care professionals. Iʻm constantly reminded of how dementia is so badly understood. The other day a new care worker took my mums assertion that she cooks her own food, at face value, and didn’t offer her anything to eat. Mum didn’t eat for 2 days. Good job I called in! Lack of training and understanding gets in the way of good care. My Admiral Nurse has helped me ensure my mother’s needs and wishes are met. Supporting me as I plot my way through all the services involved in my mother’s care one way or the other. Her advocacy role in the review meetings, formal complaints procedure, Vulnerable Adults Service, psychiatrists, social workers, police and many other agencies has been invaluable. In Conclusion, I’ve been lucky to have that support and advocacy. So many carers don’t have anything. Even with support, it is still

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