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Still Alice is a captivating novel about a woman’s sudden decline into early onset Alzheimer’s disease, and how Alice Howland’s quality of life is altered following the diagnosis of this disease (Genova, 2003). The foundation of quality of life lies on freedom and access to basic resources for living (lecture 7 notes). One’s quality of life increases when one has a positive outlook on life, works on achieving goals and feels supported by their community and loved ones. To say such disease limits or decreases one’s quality of life or affects their aging progress is an understatement. Successful Aging Successful aging, assumes that an individual is either successful (healthy) or unsuccessful which assumes that an individual has a disability…show more content…
The SOC breaks down into three parts: Selection—which is developing, explaining and following through with personal goals you have set for yourself; Optimization—is the ability to achieve desired outcomes. Goal-relevant means need to be acquired, applied and refined; compensation—to follow through on one’s goal the individual must acquire new resources or activate unused resources for an alternative way of pursuing goals. (Cavanaugh, 2008)(p.…show more content…
Just because she is unable to remember things and care for herself, Alice still keeps her quality of life, as she has been able to come to accept her disease and lives with who she has become. In terms of aging, Alice may not be aging successfully by definition, but in terms of being her and accepting the new her she is. Life is a precious gift—life is not about the gifts we are given, but how we put those gifts to use. Do you take your life for granted, or does it take a disease like Alzheimer’s for you to realize what your life is about? It’s mind-boggling of how something like Alzheimer’s changes a person’s entire life. However, with the support of loved ones, friends and co-workers, it is possible for one to remain themselves, live with the disease, realize they are a new person, but the disease does not define them. Alice may have lost her job, her memory may have worsened, her husband may have betrayed her for a job in a new city, but she gained a relationship with her long lost daughter Lydia. Alice lives in the moment, lives for each day, appreciates the small things and because of that she is Still

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