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ROTC An abundance of medal-clad students halted in formation, arranged in a platoon at the far side of the gym littered with desks. Standing at attention, the group radiated a sense of unity, a demand for respect. Amid all the misconceptions revolving around ROTC, the program doesn’t falter under a scrutinizing eye. JROTC is more than a connection to the armed forces. In fact, that’s not what it’s founded on at all. According to James M. Hale, Area Ten Commander of ROTC, the program focuses on service. It’s not merely a pipeline to the military; students join for a multitude of reasons. “I didn’t know about it in middle school”, freshman, Mathew Cha, Petty Officer Second Class said. “I figured it out when I was filling out [schedule …show more content…

“We aren’t looking for you to join we are looking for you to get citizenship and community service that in your mind something bigger than yourself.” Leal said. “The placement of the ribbons is the most tedious. You have to bust out a ruler and make sure it’s right on or else you’ll get points ticked off, especially in drill meets.” Cha said. “ When the instructor is inspecting you they will catch you and count off even if it’s a millimeter difference. They notice it’s really important to be exact where you place everything.” Blah=Asian guy *The following are quotes from Commander Hale* “As the area manager, I’m the link between the JROTC units within my area of responsibility and the navy. My area, area ten, is all of Texas east of Uvalde Texas, so I have 57 high schools that I am responsible for that have navy JROTC, and I’m their link back to the navy” “I think one of the most important lessons we teach in JROTC is importance of service. And not just military service, but service… giving back to our school, our city, our community, our state our country, that’s given so much for us” “For a lot of people, life is a series of day by day decisions, living each day trying to do the best we can, and where we end up in life is not always where we would have predicted when we were

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