Judaism And The Jewish Prayer

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Judaism • The base of Jewish worship is the prayers. These prayers are found in the Jewish prayer book called the siddur. Along with the prayers, there are typically comments and instructions in the siddur as well. Traditional Jews are expected to recite three prayers per day: one in the morning (Shacharit), the afternoon (Mincha), and the evening (Ma’ariv). More prayers will be recited on Sabbath and other Jewish holidays. The ideal worship includes attending a synagogue and getting into a group of ten called a minyan. Like other religions, the length and style of the prayer depends on the synagogue. Synagogues will usually hire a professional singer, called hazzan, to lead in the congregation of the prayers. Often times Jews will swing back and forth while praying, but it is not mandatory. Jewish prayers are considered invalid if proper concentration and awareness is not displayed. • Judaism is the oldest religion that still exists to this day. Jews have faced many problems with other people. They have been persecuted, discriminated against, and suffered for more than a thousand years. Judaism is considered the most influential religion. Almost 14 million people identify themselves as Jewish and 3.5 billion follow religions that have been influenced by Judaism such as Christianity and Islam. Judaism is a monotheistic religion meaning it worships only one god. At the time monotheistic religions were very uncommon. The Jewish consider the Tanakh their holy
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