Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

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Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Christianity and Islam are the most influential religions in the world. Judaism has only fourteen million followers across the continents which makes Judaism the 12th largest religion. Although Judaism is not as large as Christianity and Islam, It still has an impact on the world. Prophet Abraham is the called in Islam "the father of all prophets" and because of that, sometimes Christianity, Islam and Judaism are called Abrahamic Religions. There are many known differences and similarities between Christianity, Islam and Judaism. They all share the same believe in Divine Revelation; they all believe that god is contacting prophets through revelation. Also, both of Muslims and Jews claim to be strict monotheists while Christians claim to be Trinitarian monotheists. Besides believing in only one true god and life after death, hell and paradise, they all appeared in the same geological time and recognize almost same prophets. In contrast, Muslims and Jews do not have the believe of trinity as Christians do. In addition, the god of Christians and Muslims focused on the whole universe while the god of Jews on Israeli nation.

First of all, Judaism is considered the first religion came out of these three. The problem is up until now there is no official date for finding Judaism, but the closest date is by the birth of Abraham 1800 BC. Yehudim or Judah is the Hebrew word for Judaism and Jew is a term given to anyone converted to
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