Christianity, Islam, And Judaism

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Christianity, Islam, and Judaism
All three religions believe and worship the same God but they do it in different ways. Judaism happens to be the oldest religion today but they don’t have an official creed. They aim to teach you about God, the Messiah, human beings, and the universe which makes Jewish beliefs very important to them. But it is important to understand that being Jewish is more of a race and culture than it is a religion. Some Jewish people may have no interest in Judaism. Judaism has some similar beliefs with Islam and Christianity but they are more different then similar. Islam is the second largest religion in the world and they have 1.2 billion adherents. All of the adherents know about the “five pillars “of Islam which represent the framework for a responsible and good life. Islamic people believe that they are here on earth as God’s servants to create a moral social order. They believe it’s all a test for humans to prove if they can choose from right and wrong and make good decisions. There isn’t a certain sin not to do, it’s just trying not to fall under the temptations of all the bad things in life and God will be with you as long as you are attempting to be good and stay on the correct path. Christianity shows their faith differently than the other 2, they like to do baptisms when you are a baby or when you become Christian and become a believer. They like to have Sunday gatherings and read scriptures from the bible and have group prayer and singing.

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