Judge Tirabassi Biography

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When I was eleven years old, I started playing field hockey for a simple reason: all of my friends were playing. Everyone else had quit playing soccer, so I decided that I wanted to play both. One season later, the soccer practices disappeared from my schedule. I started to play hockey year-round, and I fell in love with the sport by complete accident. I learned to dodge, pass, and shoot, and I got to run around and laugh at practice a few nights every week. Middle school recreational leagues turned into the high school varsity team in the fall and a club team for the rest of the year. Many of my friends stopped playing when we got to college, choosing to devote their free time to other organizations. I, on the other hand, could not let it…show more content…
Every day, I would learn about legal research from the law clerks and watch judges preside over civil cases, but more importantly, every morning I had the opportunity to talk with The Honorable Philip Tirabassi. Judge Tirabassi’s absolute favorite thing to talk about was soccer. He would go on and on quizzing one of the law clerks about the Premier League, talking about how he used to play when he was younger, or telling me about the team that he coached right now. Even through his successes in his legal career, Judge Tirabassi continued to embrace and grow this other love. The kind of balance that he has achieved in his career and personal life inspires me to continue to embrace my love of field hockey- to use it both to make myself happy and to give back to my community- as I continue to pursue my education. Balancing my academic priorities with my love of field hockey has taught me that I know myself well enough to take on difficult tasks. My experiences thus far in life have given me an appreciation and understanding of how to best challenge and organize myself in a way that helps me to succeed in my endeavors. I know that I will be able to translate these abilities into my future academic pursuits and my professional life. Field hockey will continue to help me to grow, de-stress, and maintain
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