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“Judging by the Cover,” is an essay written in 2003 by Bonny Gainley who is a consultant, speaker, and author. It originally appeared in an opinion column in a Colorado newspaper. Although non-discriminatory, she believes that people project messages about themselves with their appearance. This essay seems to be intended for recent graduates and young job seekers. The main point that she tries to explain to the reader is that even though our family and friends may accept us for who we are, employers may not.

Gainley does make some really good points when discussing why people need to be aware of how they look. She seems to be trying to talk about too many issues in such a short article and it becomes very confusing and
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This paragraph was hard to understand. She seems to be trying to explain to the reader that although you should not judge a book by its cover, businesses often make assumptions by their appearance.

Dress codes exist for a reason. Sometimes it is for safety reasons but sometimes it’s just about what the employers or clients are willing to accept. If a certain look or appearance might make a client uncomfortable then the company will decide that such an appearance is inappropriate or might pose an unnecessary risk for that company.

While it does not seem right, employers do care about our appearance. Jobs exist to make money and right now there is a tough job market. With a lot of people out there looking for jobs, employers can afford to be picky. This is not about human rights and freedom, but about free enterprise.

People are told to not discriminate against someone for something an applicant can’t control, and doing so would be illegal. With that being said, visible tattoos and body piercing are something very much controllable. She uses a very good example that runners would be at a disadvantage if they were to run 100 meters wearing combat boots. People who choose to have piercings and tattoos put themselves at a disadvantage. Imagine if 2 people walked into a job for an interview. They both had the same amount of experience, but one is dressed in a nice suite

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