Julia Gillard 's Misogyny Speech

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Civic participation is a fundamental component in one’s life when they become citizens to a country. It begins with an informed decision to engage as a citizen in the democratic process. There are a myriad of ways in which citizens can be active in society. This includes; being involved in political parties, government-making decisions, joining particular organisations of interest as well as the community and its local affairs. It is through this engagement that one attains a sense of identity. However, barriers can also arise when one attempts or chooses to actively participate in the community. This therefore, hinders individuals from further obtaining a form of inclusion amongst society. This overarching idea is evident in Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech. This speech is an excellent exemplar of how gender roles and prejudice against women can trigger and prohibit individuals from actively participating in society.

Julia Gillard was Australia’s 27th Prime Minister and the first woman to ever take on this role in the history of Australia. She was prime minister from 2010 to 2013. Throughout her prime ministership years, Gillard was challenged for her leadership role from a gender perspective. For this reason, her speech debates the notion of misogyny, sexism and the idea that ‘women are being under-represented in institutions of power in Australia’ (Sydney Morning Herald 2012). Her aim was to recognise the rights and roles of women in all public and private spheres of…
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