Julie Chen and Plastic Surgery to Catch Her Dreams

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Is that correct Julie Chen doing plastic surgery for catching dream?
In modern times, more and more people think that they are not beautiful enough. They try to make some changes to their appearance. For some people, because they want to look like their favorite celebrity or idol, they change their appearance. Some girls might think their face shape, such as nose, eyes, and mouth, are not as perfect as they want. Moreover, owing to the development of technology, people can choose to do more activities to become beautiful; also, they may spend money to do so.
Julie Chen was born in Queens, New York, and she studied in the University of Southern California to study journalism. She graduated in 1991 as a major in broadcast journalism as well as English. Her first job was in 1990. At that time, she was interning at CBS Morning News alongside Andy Cohen. After that, she continued her study life while she worked for ABC News (Wikipedia, 2013). Since 2000, Julie Chen has been widely criticized in the media for heavily scripting. Although she is a successful female journalist today, her ex-boss could not accept her in 1995. The reason why is that her face didn’t fit American aesthetics. As mentioned, she is a Chinese- American who was born with single-eyelids and a pug nose before she did cosmetic surgery. She made plastic surgery to make a change in 1995. She announced this fact on the CBS daytime show “The Talk”. After that, she looked like a big-eyes-female with a Roman nose.

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