Julius Caesar Analysis

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Close your eyes, image be warned about your death and then being killed by your so called best friend. Out of nowhere, everyone that you thought loved you, immediately turned on you after you died. Tragedy of Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, is about a selfish king who rules Rome and ends up getting killed by the people he thought loved him. The main characters of the story are Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus, Marc Antony. The central problem to the story is loyalty because people are manipulative and unkind to each other. The conspirators are justified in assassinating Caesar because he does not care for the well being of the common people, the common people will follow who ever they think is the best because they are naive, and everyone wanted Caesar assassinated in the first place.

Julius was one of the people who was very ignorant and cared only about himself. He did not care for the well-being of any of his friends or for the well-being of the common people. The way he treated people and his lack of careness is not the way to treat people, especially the ones who support you. Caesar does not like cowards. He says “Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once.” (II,ii,32-33). What he means by this is that brave people who do not back down on anything, only experience death once. The people who quit, or backdown on something are the ones that experience “death” more than once. In similar ways of Caesar’s lack of careness, he

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