Julius Caesar Biography

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Julius Caesar Julius Caesar was born in Rome on July 12th 100 BC. “His father gained some power overtime this caused Julius Caesar to attend a classical school to learn the importance’s of the Roman Empire.” (URL The school that he attended taught him how to be more cultural about Rome. Julius Caesar quickly gained a since of urgency about the Roman Empire, he “gradually started making a name for himself” (URL Julius Caesar wasn’t a Roman emperor, instead he was a dictator of the Roman. Even though he was the dictator he still had to listen to what people had to say, he can only veto anything he did not like. “In fact, he was offered a crown by Mark Antony, but refused it to he wouldn't appear to be a tyrant. His son Gaius Octavius Thurinas was the first Roman Emperor. He called himself the "first citizen" but, he was an emperor” (URL
“Julius Caesar was a military genius on the same level as his idol, Alexander. He won spectacular victories even when he was outnumbered”(URL
He conquered much of modern France and Germany as well as invading Britain. “He was one of the first Roman politicians to realize that the Roman Republic was on the verge of collapse, since the nobles owned almost all the land and slaves did all

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