Junior Executive Council Analysis

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I am interested in running for President because I believe our chapter can continue to improve and I think I’m the right person to continue this process. I believe our chapter is able to become a top ranked chapter; we just need to have the right people in charge in order to achieve this. I have many ideas for this position but my main one is to continue involving the junior executive council at our executive meetings. I would continue allowing them to come to at least one executive council meeting per month, but I would go beyond that and encourage them to have their own weekly or bi-weekly meetings. I believe this will allow our Vice President of Programming to have a better understanding on what the officers have planned, and it would…show more content…
I am a well-organized person. I tend to have a set schedule for everything and multiple to-do lists. I believe the chapter president needs to be organized in order to manage the other officers and the chapter as a whole. I also have great time management skills, without this skill it would be difficult to handle the large amount of meetings, events, and reports that our chapter has. I also have great communication skills, which are needed in order to maintain relations with the Office of Student Life, our advisors, National Headquarters, and the other members of Greek life. I also believe I am seen as a role model for our chapter members, I uphold our values and try to influence other members to do so as well. I also feel like I would be a great leader for our chapter, I believe I would be able to apply what I have learned as serving as an officer on junior executive council, and Ball State Dance Marathon to this position. Lastly, I would like to address that even though I have not served as a member of executive council I still believe I would be the right person for this position. Since I have been in the chapter for three years now I have been able to observe three different executive councils, I have also served on programming which has introduced me to how executive council is ran. I believe my position as Community Service Chairman, and as a Sub-Committee director for Ball State Dance Marathon has improved my leadership skills in order to qualify me as contender for
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