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Writing has never been my strongest talent. I can enjoy writing a paper or story, but that is usually when it is not assigned to me. I have always felt that my assigned papers read like they are forced. I think I am a poor writer and my skills are very unfinished. I feel that I am competent in organizing my papers and thoughts. However, I have never been able to structure sentences correctly. This makes me a poor proofreader as well. My first essay was graded down largely for my sentence structure. My proofreader has told me that I often end sentences in propositions. Citations are new to me. I never had to write papers with sources in high school, and had never heard of MLA until college. As of now, I still need a lot of help with sources and citation. All sources cited this semester required the help of my professor to ensure they were done correctly. I feel like I write too loosely. My voice is strong in my papers and that can lead to a sloppy portrayal of my topic. I don’t consider my audience as a formal interaction. My papers often seem to speak directly to the person I know will be reading the paper. I need to work on addressing more than one with my writing. This is to blame when I realize how many times I’ve placed the word “you” in a paper. This has been in all five of the first essays this semester. This problem comes from my lack of experience with writing. It has always been a casual process for me. I have never, to this day, had to write a term paper or

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